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Amalgam fillings

Hello everyone,
I'm posting to ask about an issue that I know many health professionals are still debating. I have amalgam fillings, had them for the past five years, and ever since then I have had severe hair shedding for which I tried everything and doctors were unable to really determine the reasons for it (I only recently connected it with the fillings) and the reason I came to that conclusion was because I started experiencing many other health issues and after some research I ran into a website about amalgam fillings' toxicity and the list there had everything I was experiencing (Including excessive sweating that's increasing day by day even when it's zero degrees outside, constant headaches and memory problems - note that I'm only 24 years old).
I am aware that all of the above mentioned issues could be caused by many other things and I will get the proper tests done when I do get the chance before I remove the fillings. But my question is; if amalgam fillings are the problem, would taking something like Spirulina or Chlorella help slow down these symptoms until I'm able to get the fillings removed? And does removing them solve these issues (of course along with chelation afterwards)? Or are they irreversible? Also, I cannot afford the "safe" removal right now, would a normal extraction be okay or will this worsen my condition?

Your help is much appreciated!
Thank you!
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The adverse effect of amalgam filling is not substantiated yet. However, if you speculate your multiple symptoms are related to amalgam filling, replacement of amalgam with composite costs not much. Seeing a dentist to address your concern is advised.
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I did see a dentist, but he doesn't believe/and isn't even familiar with the fact that amalgam fillings could be bad for you, and as a result I couldn't trust his advice to just get a normal removal of the filling because he obviously doesn't know much about that matter. I did see another holistic dentist who said that the safe removal (designed to protect from exposure to or ingestion of any of the old filling material or mercury vapor) costs around 1,000-1,500 euros. Don't know about you, but for me that is a bit much (I'm a student). So I'd like some expert insight on how necessary the safe removal really is before I replace it with a composite without taking any precautions, which doesn't really cost much.
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I am not familiar with dental insurance or average service charge of filling in Europe. However, replacement of a amalgam filling costs more than a thousand US dollar or euro is unbelievable. Rubber application during the whole procedure provides adequate precaution. Seeing a dentist to perform the procedure with rubber dam is advised.
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