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Anxiety and Panic attacks

I would to know if there is a connection between dental problems, and anxiety(panic attacks). I have been with many Dr s here in Ontario, and I still has no resolution for the issues. i have been placed on Chlonazipam, though I still suffer the dental pain. I do not have enough money to deal with all of my dental issues, though I am getting some treatment from an oral Dr. I would appreciate all the help that you can offer me.
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i dont want to say anythings impossible because there can always be a rare exception (like winning the lottery rare). in most cases the only problem would be giving into the fear and not having regular dental care. even with the best hygiene at home a dental check up and cleaning is a great idea every 6 months. i have to admit with the state of the economy and with many jobs not providing dental care i have changed that to at least yearly instead of my usual diligent 6 months!
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i dont think stress or anxiety would add to dental problems. the only thing my dental anxiety did for my dental health was make me aviod regular check ups which lead to bigger problems which i get treated...yes im one of those people who go to the dds only wheni have pain!!! so did my anxiety make my teeth more unhealthy yes only because i didnt get regual cleanings and filings ect...

i however do have valid medical problems which add to dental issues...I have R.A and sojourns disease...both auto immune problems...they are both linked to dental problems...especially sojourns! so add those to my dental anxiety and im surprised my teeth are as good as they are!
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