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Apparent healthy molar is bothering me

Im a 25 year old female with a milk premolar on the upper left side that started to bother me for about a week now. This specific premolar has no adult tooth behind it.

I just went to the dentist, he examined the tooth and hit it with the back of the oral mirror which gave me a sharp pain that lasted several minutes. He went on and took an xray in which the tooth looks healthy. He said he didnt knlw the reason for the pain but if it kept bothering me we could extract it, but Im not too fond of extracting an apparent healthy tooth.

Also, Im not sure if its important and relevant to the upper teeth, but my third molar on my lower left side has a root canal and it seems to be infected and will be extracted.

Should I look for a second opinion or should I wait till my root canal is extracted and see if my premolar its still a problem?
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Your milk premolar probably has nothing to do with wisdom tooth.seeing an endodontist is advised.
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