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Are these symptoms of a root fracture?

I have found very little on specific symptoms of a root-fracture. My 2nd molar had a recent root canal and crown (3 months ago) last month I hade my lower wisdom teeth removed. Things were healing up, then while eating a soft cookie, I heard what sounded/felt like a loud crack at my 2nd molar. Since then, lots of pain and problems. The following are the major symptoms, I just want to know if this would be typical for a fractured root. I'm scheduled to see the dentist tomorrow and very likely will have the tooth pulled as I cannot bear the pain and trouble any longer. I would like some assurance that it would be the right move.

-Pain at tooth that intensifies with any chewing on either side. Pain then radiates to my neck at the base of my skull with some pain in my temple & neck muscles on the same side.
-Complete loss of appetite. Maybe pain related? Thought it was due to antibiotics and pain meds, but have been off of everything for 2 weeks except Tylenol and ibuprofen. (mostly Tylenol)
-Slight sinus inflamation & tight breathing. Nothing is blocked, but it feels like I'm not breathing as freely as normal and that I can't fill my lungs. It may be anxiety, but I don't know for sure. Comes and goes.
-Blood pressure rises particularly at night. Had to get my BP medicine changed to get BP down to normal.

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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Thanks Scott, my dentist said he was "flummoxed" by my issue. Seeing nothing that indicated a fracture other than the cracking sound that started the issue, he advised to continue on the path of being conservative and hopeful. His thoughts were of infection in spite of the fact that I had been on antibiotics (penicillen) at the time after the wisdom tooth extraction. He prescribed another round of antibiotics this time clindamycin. Started yesterday and already feel a difference in the pain. Still there, but much improved. Another day should be very telling. At any rate, I already scheduled to meet with my oral surgeon for a 2nd opinion at my dentists suggestion to see if he has any further insight. Couldn't hurt - might help, but I am hopefully optimistic that this will be over soon. Thanks again.
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Your sympomatology is not consistent with classical root fracture.
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