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Bad Breath

About ten years ago I had a root canal done. Ever since then I noticed my breath began began to get worse. Now it has come to the point that my breath can be smelled a mile away. Even when my mouth is closed it can be smelled. I brush fequently, use mouthwash and floss and the smell never change not even for a minute. When I eat the smell is even worse.I've gone to the dentist and they ruled out gum disease. I also went to the doctor and they can't find anything wrong with me. Please help, I've been going through this for so long and I am extremely frustrated. Can this condition just be halitosis from the mouth and nothing more?
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I do not know if you have your tonsils but I have heard that an odor can eminate from that area. I would suggest you see an oral pathologist. These specialists can be found at teaching hospitals or  dental       school.
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What about seeing an ear, nose and throat doctor?  My child has had bad breath that was associated with sinus problems.  
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I agree with 3rdchild.  The fact that you say your "breath" is noticeable even when your mouth is closed make me think that your sinuses and nose are involved.
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