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Bad Post/Crown caused abscess (Dental Malpractice)

I had a root canal done by my dentist. A few months later, my jaw swelled up and I experienced extreme pain. I went to the hospital, they gave me IV and wanted to cut my jawbone to drain the infection. I went to a different dentist and they took X-Rays. The new dentist said that the cause of the infection was from a a defective crown and bad post. The dentist did not shape the crown correctly. It was too high giving me an incorrect bite. The post (screw) was not lodged deep enough in my jaw therefore leaving a large space for area for bacteria to grow and multiply. As a result I had an abscess in my jaw with severe pain. The bacteria started eating away at my jawbone. I had to get drained twice and a hole was cut out in my gum to let the infection drain. My face grew 5 times bigger in 3 days. I have spent hundreds in antibiotics, missed work, and now paid for a new post and crown from another dentist who I trusted could correct the problem. I have X-rays and photos that clearly prove the dentist was at fault because of malpractice as well as the my new dentists statement.  Any thoughts, How much do you think I can get? Do I have a case? Can you recommend a dental malpractice lawyer in NYC
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I forgot to mention the infected tooth was #20
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