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Bad smell near crown

I have a crown in my front teeth(#8). A root canal was performed and then the crown was fitted. Recently I noticed bad breath. After a while I figured out that the source of the bad breath was the gum area right above the crown. If I rub my finger in the gum area just above the crown, it smells really bad. I can even smell it in the floss after I have flossed the crown tooth.
My dentist did the ususl once-every 6 months cleaning but the smell persists. He took an X-Ray and he ruled out any tooth decay and he says that the gums look fine. He sent me to a gum specialist and she too didnt find anything.

At this point both me and my dentist are out of options. I have tried several mouthwash as well as peroxide mixed with water. Juast a few minutes after squishing, the bad smell returns. I am totally down and I just dont feel confident in social circles.

Someone PLEASE help and offer suggestions.

X-Ray shows nothing. But even the floss smells after I have flossed that area. Its just the gum above the crown and not the uper part of the gum(where it connects to my mouth). That part is fine. its only the immediate gum area above crown.


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In my experience a odor like you are describing usually comes from a loose crown. The cement has washed out and the bacteria present is the cause of the odor. I would suggest that the doctor look into trying to remove the crown or redoing it. That is not a pleasant odor to be living with.
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have u heard of polident??? its a denture cleanser but can be an effective mouthwash...it can cure bad breath and even removed decay and tartar.....maybe it could help u...hope to hear u soon..
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My father just went through the same thing.  He is getting ready for a major surgery and the docs needed to make sure he had no infections in his body.  He went to the dentist 3 weeks ago because he had a similar bad odor coming from the one side of his mouth.  The dentist told him to rinse with a good mouth wash several times a day and try and rinse with peroxide once a day.  I got him to use fluorigard mouthwash and peroxide and he said it seemed to do the trick.  As the previous poster has said, denture cleaner has been known to really thoroughly cleanse the mouth and kill germs and bad breath.  I never personally tried this, but I have been reading up on it and that it has worked well.
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Hi Everyone,
Thank you for all your suggestions. I specifically asked my dentist if there could be a small gap which is causing this smell. But he says that the gap between the crown and gum is 3mm which is within acceptable limits.

He said that the top of the root canal dosent look OK. But he said in that case the symtoms would be different.

I have no pain or nothing and the smell comes only from the boundary between crown and gum and does not come from the top part of the gum.

I have tried all mouthwashes but it dosent help.

Anyone please suggest something..Please....
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It sounds like that crown needs to be redone. I would get a second opinion.

Regarding the Polident mouthwash thingy, Polident do not produce a mouthwash anymore, and they do not recommend using their denture cleaning products as a mouthwash. Try a chlorine dioxide mouthwash (e. g. OxyFresh, CloSysII, Therabreath, Neways, etc.) instead. They are only available from some dentists, or else via mail order, in the US.
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I also have a bad odor from gum just behind a crown and root canal tooth (2nd to last right upper molar). Sometimes it flares up and actually pains and all the dentist recommends is to take antibiotics (Doxycycline or Ampicillin) which actually helps but temporarily. Like your dad I am also due for major surgery in a few weeks (OHS)and am very worried about this infected gum. Does anyone else have some comments on a situation like this? Thanks, ChrisR.
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