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Bad taste after having wisdom teeth pulled

I just recently had all 4 of my wisdom teeth pulled. About two days later I developed bad breath and a horrible tast in my mouth. Some times I do caugh up a terrible mucus taste.(dark brown some times black and at times bloody) But that does not always happen. It can develop the taste/smell with out the mucus. I have not had a cold priror to this and do not have one now. What is this and should I be worried? Also,I am a smoker.
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Smoker here also and something similar happen to me after a dental surgery. It was terrible and I have never had anything so bad I couldn't explain in my mouth. I think you should try deep gargling with half and half peroxide and water. In the back of your throat.

I did that on the advice of my boyfriend although I told him I just felt like something was in my throat and I couldn't cough it out. He was right although it took many times of doing this over a couple weeks. Every other day I would do it. Also I started using this listerine pre brush rinse and I still use the listerine regular orange one after I brush. Seems like overkill but it's really not.

After this at night I would drink a full glass of water before going to sleep instead of smoking a cig and in the morning I would wake up and have coffee - about half way through the cup I would cough up the most god awful smelling nuggets. Very bad and sorry for the description. Let me know what turns out.  
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