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Bit something hard while eating hurt tooth.

I bit something hard while eating 11/23. I had the worse toothache from it. Went to dentist 12/5 had an x ray the tooth has large filling. No sign of crack or even an abcess. But he prescribed cephalexin anyway 4 a day for a week said it should feel better in a few days. Which it never did relieve the pain. I don't believe I had an abcess. He advised I needed a root canal  canal. I just felt I had trauma and needed time to heal and didn't need a root canal. Had one scheduled however office called and cancelled my root canal due to schedule problem. The tooth doesn't bother me anymore can chew on it hot/cold doesn't bother it. However I have a hard small lump on lower gum that was sore but getting not as sore. What is it? Did my root go through bottom of jaw?
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A small hard lump like that sounds like a resolving abscess.  It's possible that tooth has a small crack in it that xray cannot see.  If that is the case, the pain won't go away and a root canal is in order to see if the tooth can be saved.
Many times a very small crack below the gumline can hold if it has RTC and a crown.  If it gets too wide, the tooth has to be extracted.

You can either have the RCT now or wait and see if the pain and lump completely go away but if there is a small crack, the periodontal ligament pulling on it each time it is used will eventually widen the crack to the point where the tooth cannot be saved.  An implant is a good choice if that happens.  

Keep your eye on that lump.  An abscess can resolve, but many times if the problem (decaying nerve, tooth cracked) is still there, there may be no pain but the bacteria is still silently working on dissolving the bone that holds the tooth in.  Unfortunately, small cracks that produce a small abscess at times cannot be seen until RCT is being preformed.  

GOOD LUCK with this.  If it had been just trauma, the pain would have been gone long before this.  Additional treatment will probably be warranted.

My very best to you,
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