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Have my teeth become grey and decayed because I have to take Dilantin? One year into Dilantin and I have to have four front teeth pulled. Previously healthy. Gums are in good order as I brush them 5x daily.
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Hi, you are right .Dilantin does cause gingival overgrowth and enlargement. These effects usually start appearing after 1-3 months of its usage. The excess gum tissue interferes with cleaning and tooth decay and periodontal disease becomes more prevelant.I will advise you to regularly schedule your appointments with the dentist for removal of plaque in the inaccessible areas of your teeth. Rinse your mouth thoroughly with chlorhexidine.Eliminate unnecessary sugars from your daily diet. Surgical removal of the excess gingival tissue may be discussed with the dentist. Hope this helps. Take care.
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Chlorhexidine. Is that basic Listerine? Not the new "flavors"? Thanks. Saw the periodontist today and I am NOT looking forward to seeing him again. But, it beats chewing with no teeth. Michele
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