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Bleaching: Is this safe?

A while back I had some bleaching trays made which fit fairly well but the bleach..NiteWhite ACP bleaching kit bleach, would still manage to get diluted with saliva near the gumline, which was the exact place I wanted whitened.

I managed to get rid of a lot of the more severe stains, but before I could finish the bleaching process, I needed some crown work and the teeth were too sensitive to continue bleaching until they were capped with permanent crowns.

Well, the trays are a bit loose now and the bleach washed out near the gumline. I can't afford to have new trays made so, after experimenting a bit, I've discovered I can seal trays at the gumline by plastering chewed gum over them.

It's sugar free gum. This also keeps the nasty bleach taste out of my mouth.

I'm not a chemist though and I'm not sure of the effects of the bleach on the chewing gum. Am I going to end up accidentally poising myself or imparting the yellow color of the gum back onto my teeth?

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whatever you do....do consult the cosmetic dentist...as you may get affected by the side effects of it..... i know one product Opalesence teeth whitener....better use under dentist's recommendations......
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Fist of all bleaching trays are no longer recommended because they are messy and get in contact with your gums causing sensitivity and damage. There is another system for At home teeth whitening where you can actually manage the treatment your self.
If you have restorative work done on your front teeth anywhere from canine to canine you will not be able to do bleaching because Hydrogen peroxide doesn't whiten porcelain veneers or composite.
If you need more info PM me and ill be more then happy to help you with any questions you might have
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I dont know if i am allowed to post a link but here are some answers of questions you might have regarding teeth whitening http://*********.**/faqs
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nitewhite works really well..... putting gum on your gumline is not advised, dont know if it will cause any problems but i wouldnt risk it...

the bleaching trays do not have to fit perfectly its ok if a little gets out on your gums, you could actully fill the tray a little more to ensure it is reaching the neck of the tooth near you gums. if you getting the burning sensation then you can put vasoline on your gums above the teeth and it will not hurt, it acts like a coating to your gingiva
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Putting what is not advised? :) Its bleach hello...... who doesn't advice it you?? Vaseline?? I dont know where you get these info but you must be very naive to believe it
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