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Bleeding gums

Hello everyone

I have a bleeding gums problem since long time ago, probably 12 years, or maybe a little more.

When I go to the dentist, he says it's gingivitis and he performs a complete cleaning of my gums, I get fine for 2 months or so, and I try to follow every single advice about brushing and flossing and using mouthwash 3 times a day, but nothing works! After 2 months, it starts bleeding again, and it's getting worse with time! At this time it bleeds A LOT very easily, I mean it's a lot of blood when I touch some points of my gums, but it stops bleeding after 30 seconds or so...  

If you look to my teeth, you will never guess that I have this problem. I have good white and clean teeth, with a tiny dark red line in some points of my gums. (especially above the front teeth).

I've done 2 blood tests in the last month because of other stuff and they were completely normal and I have no other disease, I think.

What can cause this? Do some people just have "sensible" gums and bleed like this? Because I don't feel that I'm doing nothing wrong to cause it, and I can't find any other cause for it!

Thanks a lot
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10894761 tn?1413637884
Hello and thank you for your comments.

In the meantime I booked a visit to a periodontist which is "the best" here, or at least people say it. So I hope he understands better what's going wrong with my gums. I will keep this post updated as soon as I have news. (which is probably after 4 or 5 months, if my problem stops ;)

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Seeing a periodontist is advised.
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