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Bony lump underneath gum, behind lower front teeth, in front of tongue

I'm 44 years old.  I have a hard bony lump/growth underneath the gum, behind my lower front teeth, in front of my tongue.  It is very hard, does not hurt and has been very very slowly growing towards my tongue over the years.  It is not growing upward.

I am not a frequent visitor to the dentist (lots of bad experiences as a youngster).  During a visit to the dentist a few years ago, they were unable to find the bite-wing x-ray gismoe inside my mouth because of this growth but at the time the dentist made no comment about this growth.

Does anyone have an idea what this might be and which medical profession should I see - dental or general practice?
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It sounds like a mandibular torus. Put in terms that you can understand it is a benign out growth of the bone of the lower jaw. We see these on the inside of the lower jaw and often they are located in the midline of the palate. No treatment is necessary unless a prosthesis  needs to be made. To be sure see an oral surgeon for a confirmation of the diagnosis.
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I, too, am a person in fear of the dentist based on a horrible childhood experience.  However, I just had oral surgery to remove some molars which had deteriorated due to long-term prescription meds use.  While in the recovery room, my oral surgeon told me that I had some bony lumps (4, to be exact) behind my lower front teeth that he felt needed to be removed since they were getting bigger every day.  I didn't even know they were there (due, probably, to the bad condition of the rest of my mouth).  Since the removal of the painful molars, I am now very aware of the lumps that have grown significantly in just the past two weeks. I will have my surgical follow-up exam next week, where I will discuss this further with my oral surgeon.  I can't believe that a person who is so scared of the dentist now has AN ENTIRELY DIFFERENT ORAL ISSUE!!  Will it be very painful to have them removed?  (My recent oral surgery was surprisingly pain-free.)
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I also have these lumps a little to the left of lower center. One BB and one Pea sized. They were about half that size 6-7 years ago. I read somewhere that teeth will sprout new roots when tramatized. These lumps are behind lower teeht that have been being squeezed together for about 30 years by a one and only wisdom tooth on that side. They have been pushed so hard, they have chipped edges and some pieces on top edges. So I thought that they may be roots that sprung out of the sides of these teeth. I forget the name of this condition. However from what I read hear, it is  part of the jaw???
I too wonder if it is a very painful procedure. I have been avoiding going to my dentist for the last 5 years for fear when he sees it he will do an "oh...my my.." and want me to make an appointment with the OS.

At 65,I have like 28 of my teeth and figure if it doesn't start to hurt or get too big, I can die with it.

Any comments from others who had them removed or any DDS with a little advice..???
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I have had this in the past, and eventually had the lump break through the skin.

It actually had a point on it, and, as stupid as I was, I ended up pulling it off with my fingernail. It receded back into my gum, but has slowly been making a omback over the past year.

I'm glad I know now that it is benign, and can have a doctor take a look at it.
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