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Broke 2 front teeth, Crowns extremely sensitive

I broke my 2 front teeth 2 months ago when i was sick and dehydrated and passed out. I went to the dentist and had to get a root canal on one of the teeth and they gave me a temporary crown on both teeth. These crowns were fine and didn't give me any problems. I went back 2 weeks later to get prepped for the crowns and send the impressions out. They put 2 new temporary crowns on my teeth. After this, I was very sensitive to cold on my left tooth but the right tooth was fine. The right tooth was the one I had the root canal done on.

Then I went back a few weeks later for the permanent crown and they took the temporary off and my left tooth was extremely sensitive to cold, to air, to everything.  The permanent crowns they sent were the wrong color so they had to send them back out and I had to get temporary ones put on again. They used the same temporary's from before. And this past week or so I've been extremely sensitive to cold on my left side to the point where I had to take 2 ibuprofen daily and drink with a straw. I went back a few days ago 5 days ago for my permanent crowns. At first they felt great. but the next day sure enough my left tooth is back to being extremely sensitive to cold again.

I asked my dentist last time i was there if I would need to get a root canal how they would do it and she said htey would go through the crown. This doesn't sound so bad on back teeth but how can you do that on front teeth? Wouldn't that mess up the tooth??  I'm going back to see them the end of this week and hoping I don't have to get a root canal and it can be fixed.

Has anyone had this done before? Any ideas/suggestions ?
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Root canal therapy on a front tooth is the easiest.  They can go through the back of the crown the same as if it were a regular tooth, I think.  The hole in the crown is then filled in with regular white filling material.  

Does your tooth react to heat?  Most of the time cold sensitivity will reduce in nature as the tooth itself settles down and dentists don't do much with cold unless it becomes unbearable.  Does the tooth react to gentle tapping?  If it starts to hurt when you drink hot liquids or it hurts when your dentist does gentle tapping, it may need RCT.  

Hopefully your cold sensitive tooth will still settle down and require nothing, though.  
It can take some time after a trauma.

Good luck!  Let us know how you do.
My best to you,
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Also, just to add.. my 2 front teeth were both broke in half after my fall.
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