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Bruising Gums

For the past 2 days it has become very painful to brush my teeth. When I am done I look at my gums and they are bruised. At first I thought they were bleeding but they are just bruised and really burn. The day before this started happening I noticed swelling under my tongue. I do not have a sore throat, nor am I sick. I just feel like I have swollen "glands" under my tongue. If there even are glands, I assume their are salivary glands there but not sure what I am looking at. Also, and I am not even sure this is related but it looks as if I am forming a small rash on my lower lip. I always have chapped lips but this is different. It's more like a small raised area of tougher skin with little tiny bumps on it. You can barely see it but I can certainly feel it with my tongue. I switched toothpaste and to a softer brush. Same thing this morning, no change. I plan to go to a dentist asap but it is a holiday weekend so I have to wait.
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I found this info online:

"Vitamin deficiencies. Not getting enough iron can cause sores at the corners of the mouth, the taste buds to become small, or can lead to a sore tongue. In some cases, advanced iron deficiency can lead to anemia and may cause scarring in the throat and esophagus, making swallowing difficult. While vitamin C deficiency causes gums to easily bruise and bleed, deficiency can lead to tooth loss. Vitamin D deficiency boosts risk of jaw fracture and gum disease."

It could be you need vitamin C among others, but what you say sounds scary--good thing that you are going to the dentist right away.  In the meantime, have some orange juice.
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