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Bump on Tongue

Hi Dr.  Yesterday I felt a sore lump on my tongue, it was red and raised a little.  This morning I checked and the lump is still there but now all the little papules (is that the right word!?) are yellowish white.  The lump/bump is right in the middle of my tongue.  It's sore to the touch and not a very hard lump but rather large for a bump on the tongue, about the circumference of an eraser head. Of course when you put lump on tongue into a google search, the only thing that comes up is cancer.  I'm a 32 year old female who has never smoked so that seems unlikely but I guess it's never out of the question.  I keep feeling it with my finger which I'm sure isn't helping the situation.  Is there cause for serious concern?  How many days should I wait if there is no change before I go to the dr?  Thanks.
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If the lump is still there in 7 to 10 days then see an oral surgeon for a definitive diagnosis. I think it is appropriate to check these things out but in all likely hood it is nothing to be concerned about.
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Sorry, I also wanted to ask if it was possible that it could be a bug bite?  The thought of that is gross but it seemed like it may be a possibility.
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you did not disclose your age, but being a non smoker (and hopefully you never used any tobacco product) it is probably not cancer. but it does need to be checked by an oral surgeon for a definitive diagnosis, and to hopefully ease your mind.
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it could be a canker on your tongue.  it will go away within a week
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