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Bumps on gums? I'm so worried....please help!


Two weeks ago today I had some sensitivity on my gums directly above my top front two teeth. I thought little of it and went about my day. The next day I noticed small (appx. 1mm) whitish colored bumps on my gums where they were irritated. My gums in this area were quite inflamed and sore.

I was able to get in to see my dentist on the Monday and he said it was a common problem and nothing to worry about....something like a cold sore. Nothing more was said as he handed me a prescription for Valacyclovir (two 2000mg doses 12 hours apart). I phoned him back on the Friday and told him that there was no change in my condition. Another prescription for valacyclovir was written and filled (three 2000mg doses 12 hours apart).

On Monday (six days ago) I seen my family doctor for his opinion. He questioned the administration of the valacyclovir as he thought that the spots on my gums did not have the same appearance as vesicles commonly caused by HSV1. (No blisters or ulcerations). My doctor thought that if the spots had been related to HSV1 they should have ulcerated and ran their course. (No previous history of cold sores either).

My family doctor took a swab to check for yeast and the results came back negative yesterday.

I'm 14 days since the problem started. The bumps are still visible. My gums are still swollen and irritated at the front two teeth to the point where my bottom teeth are hitting my top gum (I have a serious overbite).

To compound this, after I'd seen my family doctor, my gums became very sore on my right side directly behind my molar. It hurts to chew there and is more irritated on the bottom jaw than in the upper jaw. With my tongue I can feel a fairly hard lump in the location where my wisdom tooth would have been. (Removed all four wisdom teeth 25 years ago....I'm 43 now).

Please help!!!  Any ideas??  I can't see the periodontist until next month.

Oral cancer?

Thank you for taking the time to read this.
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I'm having a hard time imagining what you're saying about the underbite.  Is the gums so swollen that now your bottom teeth are hitting your gums?  

Well, it seems like we can rule out HSV1 due to the lack of results from the anti-viral medication.  How's your oral hygiene?  Have you been brushing more poorly due to the irritation in the area?  That could be affect the rest of your gums?  You may want to ask or find an oral surgeon to take a look at it as well.
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My apologies. It was late and I had a lot to say....I have an overbite and my bottom teeth are now touching the back side of my front teeth when I fully close my jaws.

Since the irritation started I have been able to brush but not as well. Brushing my front teeth has been very difficult due to the discomfort and small amount of bleeding that brushing seems to trigger.

Until now my oral health had been pretty good. The dentist has always said that my teeth are strong and healthy but that some of the pockets around my teeth are a little deep and would benifit from cleaning more frequently than has been the case.

I worry about HPV and it's long term consequences in terms of increased rates of oral cancer. I'm not certain if my fears are self inflicted though as much of my research would seem to indicate that the spots on my gums do not reflect the typical presentation of HSV warts in the oral cavity.

My family doctor had thought that it looked somewhat like lichen planus but that it was not a typical presentation. No symptoms on the tongue and none of the white lines on the gums.

I can't wait for January to get here fast enough for my opportunity to see the periodontist.
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Ya, it doesn't sound like HPV or lichen planus

When was your last dental cleaning?  
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The periodontist took me in today as an emergency. He quickly ruled out lichen planus and highly doubts HPV. He did cut back some overgrown tissue on my front gums and sent it for testing to rule out disease.

I've been two years since my last cleaning and have never had problems before with the length of time. The periodontist thinks that since I'm not 20 anymore I may need more frequent cleaning and that that is the root of the current problem.  He showed me white calcified material stuck to the sample he removed for biopsy. Yuck!!

I'm still puzzled as to the acute onset though?  

A deep cleaning with local anesthetic is scheduled for tomorrow.
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The swelling and white bumps may be inflammation and the start of a dental abscess from the buildup of tartar (calculus) and plaque.  Its just an inflammatory response to bacteria and possibly some build up of pus in the area.  The deep cleaning (Scaling and root planing) should take care of that
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