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Burning tongue soothed by eating and drinking

Back in September I developed a slightly coated white tongue which was painful after a weekend of drinking alcohol. The pain was general on the hard palate (felt like a burn) and the main part of my tongue as well as the edges. There was occasionally bald patches where the  papillae appear to be gone. The white material could not be brushed off and there was no bleeding.
Initially got treated for oral thrush, but the medicine did not work. Then I believed it was the toothpaste I was using, so I switched to a soft toothbrush and lighter toothpaste, after 3-4 weeks of pain it cleared up! However just a week ago (after a Christmas drinking session)  the burning is back! This time in is in the middle of my tongue. Individual  papillae are white but cannot be brushed off and there is no plaques/whiteness elsewhere in my mouth.
Is this re-occurring oral thrush or something else?
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