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I am hoping someone can give me some advice.
Around 18 years ago i needed a root canal done on my upper front tooth, next to the two largest front teeth.

Root canal failed and i developed an abscess on gum. Dentist at the time said best to leave it.

Several years passed, new dentist decided to redo the root canal and perform an apiectomy. One day after stitches came out the familiar pimple was back.

Since then i have lived with this infection, every so often i have to forcibly drain it to reduce the swelling and pain.

Most of the time it is painless, no problems and giving my gum a press to force the infection out is part of my daily teeth routine.

I live in the UK so cannot afford private only NHS and over the years despite seeing 8 different dentists not one will take the tooth out.

I have been told repeatedly it is nothing to worry about and just keep doing what i`m doing in draining it.

I am getting worried though as i get older that complications could develop.

Is it best just to leave it like they say or would it be much easier to just take the tooth out. Surely it would be just a simple extraction.

Gum is more painful today as this past week i have really had to work hard on it to drain it.  It is a hard white solid lump and usually drains through the gum at the top of the tooth or through a hole if make a nick with a sterile needle.

I already lost 2 teeth, back ones because of failed root canals and am not willing to ever have another as my body always seems to reject them and they fail.
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Just an update, went back to yet another dentist today, he took an x ray, would not tell me the results gave me some antibiotics and that was that.

Carry on living with it.

Will living with this infection affect my health or is it safe to carry on the way i am?
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It,s not logical to leave focal infection alone. Source of infection may disseminate . If peri apical pathology can not be cured by redo endodontist or peri apical surgery, extraction of the offending tooth is indicated. Seeing an endodontist is advised.
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