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Can A Tooth FEeling Cause Infection To the Point of needing Root Canal?

Ok here's what happened i fell on ice and broke half of my front tooth. Went to the dentist he said that it looked fine just a little red, he filled it up and said that i might need a root canal if it gets infected. So within 6 months i got an abscess on the gum.

They told me that it was infected that i needed a root canal when i went today for the procedure i hear the doctor mad saying that the previous dentist filled up the tooth up inside the canal and that he was the reason why they had a bad reputation. now my question today is

Can a badly made filling can cause infection to the point of needing a root canal? they previously told me it would cost 345$ now cause of it they nearly doubled it to 600$.

Thanks for any kind of imput
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oops i meant FILLING not feeling
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