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Can a root perforating your sinus cavity be dangerous?

I was told my tooth was cold sensitive due to an abscess above my root on an upper back molar.  The dentist wanted to do a root canal, I had had two very bad experiences with root canals so I chose extraction after a week of antibiotics.  Today, after my tooth was removed, when I make a sucking motion in my mouth air came thru the hole the tooth used to be in from my NOSE. I told the nurse who then told me to hold my nose and blow.  Sure enough, air came out of the hole, she could hear it.  So I was told my root had perforated my sinus cavity.  The dentist then put a bone graft in and sewed it semi shut and sent me on my way with antibiotics and pain medications. Should I see a doctor about this? Is this a common occurrence?
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In my view, I feel you are being treated by the right person - your dentist.

Ask the dental receptionist about making a follow up appointment so that the dentist can check everything is healing fine after you have finished your course of antibiotics.

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Thank you. I have a follow up appt a week from today.
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