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Can anybody help me please?

Okay so, everything going started one day when I ate a tomato on a blt sandwich. As soon as I was finished eating the left side of imside my mouth started tingling and got puffyour just on the inside of my cheek and along the side of my tongue. I went to urgent care and they said perhaps a food allergy or an oral allergy to the pollen  of the food. I've eaten tomatoes a million times before and never had any issue. My doctor sent me to an allergist who tested me for all food allergies and I came back negative for all. I've been to an ENT, who found nodules on my thyroid, but couldn't help me with my mouth. I've been to a dentist who said he can't find anything, and my doctor has given me diflucan which didn't do anything and liquid nystantin and that made things worse. My tongue is constantly sore and feels swollen, I have a terrible taste in my mouth, I have ever these sores all along the edge of my tongue and underneath. Its been aboit 3 mobths now and all i can eat is vablnilla boost drinks, plain unseasoned chicken and and plain rice or noodles, (gluten free as well because I have celiac diseass) I'm waiting to see an oral surgeon. Why is this so hard to diagnose? :(
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Seeing a neurologist or Orofacial pain specialist is advised.
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