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Can bulimia cause oral thrush?

I noticed my tongue started to swell a bit yesterday and when I looked in the mirror today my tongue was still a little bit swollen and it was completely covered in a white coating. I went to my schools health clinic earlier and she said I had oral thrush. I'm picking up medicine later. I just got tested for HIV/AIDS in December and was negative. So I was wondering if it was an accurate statement when the nurse said it was probably caused by purging? I've also been really dehydrated the last 3 days (i started taking my vyvanse again and took double the amount so I could get homework done).  Is it something I should look into further or is it likely caused by purging? I was diagnosed with bulimia almost 6 years ago and have never had this problem before.

Today I also noticed my gums were pale, so is it possible that my mouth symptoms are a sign of diabetes?
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So you're still purging or vomiting currently?

Usually the major concern dentally speaking from purging or vomiting is the acid erosion that occurs from the stomach acid exposure to your teeth.  It tends to erode the back side of the teeth facing the tongue, not so much the front part where you smile.

Obviously there are other major health reasons overall to be concerned with frequent vomiting.

The oral thrush could be associated with the bulimia if its affecting your overall health.  A weakened immune system makes you more prone to oral thrush.  

Generally oral thrush can be a side effect of oral antibiotics as well.

Vynanse may cause some dry mouth.  I haven't seen oral thrush as a side effect from the Vynanse.

Try carrying a bottle of water around to frequently sip on, brush and floss more regularly and avoid eating too much sweets or chewing gum/candy to get your saliva going.  Although it helps with the dry mouth, it can increase your risk for cavities.
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