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Can inserting dental implants cause an enlarged lymph node in submandibular region?

Had an incidental left submandibular lympt node 1.5 cm (nodule) found under left jaw - after ultransound.  ENT doctor syas its palpable though.  I orignally saw ENT for a boil abscess on right mandible rear section of lower right jaw as it wasn't clearing - this ocurred after implant placement and where the novacaine was injected and like a leaky roof bacteria went back there - hurt until it started draining.  Some implants didn't take and threfore were removed and more bone was put in.  ENT sent me for CT scan and ultrasound but surprisingly the original infection did not show up.  My dentist prescribed levoquin a week later for 10 days and it's doing fine now cleared almost gone.

My question is - can all this dental work cause an enlarged lymph node?  - radioloigist report says he is not sure if in fact it is just an enlarged lymph node -  therefore going for biopsy in two weeks.
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