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Can the teeth ache due to a cracked tooth be solved by the crown?

I cracked a tooth last week! Quite a lousy crack too, as in about a quarter of it disappeared down my throat. Unless that is considered a chip?
I consulted a dentist yesterday. There was an old silver filling in that tooth, which is quite a deep, and somehow a piece of the tooth came off. He did a white filling, but still, my mouth aches.
After that, he suggested to me for teeth cleaning for two weeks and then crown next week. If the crown is not done, then apparently the teeth crack again.
If the teeth pains again after the crown, then the next thing is a root canal.
Friends. I'm in a dilemma whether my problems will be solved after the crown or cause some other issues.
If anyone has similar experiences, please feel free to open up with me.

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Hello and welcome to the forum!  Thanks for your question.  Sorry to hear you are in mouth pain.  Did they take x rays?  This often will indicate if there are signs of infection.  This is when a root canal is most often done.   https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/tooth-abscess/symptoms-causes/syc-20350901  This article that you can copy and paste into your browser describes what an infection might feel like.  Sensitivity to hot or cold, throbbing pain, sensitivity to chewing or biting, etc.  Is this the kind of pain you feel?   Or more likely has the broke tooth damaged or affected the root?  That's another reason they are suggesting you may have to have a root canal in the end.  Will they be placing a temporary crown initially?  This article gives a nice overview of treating a broken tooth. https://www.webmd.com/oral-health/guide/repairing-a-chipped-or-broken-tooth#2  They sound to be taking the least invasive approach step by step to the most invasive of root canal which is probably proper unless they really know you'll need it. Then in the area of dental health, it can make sense to cut to the chase and get something fully taken care of so that you don't waste time and expense in the process.  You go back in two weeks to have them evaluate your pain level and if still uncomfortable, they will decide about the crown?  Make sure they get x rays to check things prior to that.  Let me know what happens.
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