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Certain toothpastes and skin in mouth peeling

I was using Sensodyne-F plus Whitening and the skin in my mouth started peeling. It wasn't painful, it was mostly just annoying. It mostly happened during the day after I brushed my teeth. It would continue on throughout the night, and continued until I stopped using that specific toothpaste. Now I just use Sensodyn-F Ultra Fresh.

I also tried Whitening Expressions (Cinnamon) when my household bought it, and it caused slight peeling.

Does the whitening agents used in those brands cause the skin peeling, or is it something else entirely?
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You could have a sensitivity to cinnamon or mint,  inform your dentist of the occurrences to make sure it is nothing else.
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There called gum tissue ulcers. I experienced this same problem. My dentist recommended Sensodyne with Fluoride Fresh Mint. No Whitening... I don't have the problem anymore.
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I see.

However, I used Arm and Hammer for sensitive teeth, and whitening. It didn't cause any problems.

I haven't had any problems with mint or cinnamon in toothpaste, or in general. These were isolated instances of it happening. I've used Crest before, and I currently use other kinds of Senodyne-F without any problems.

I would prefer to keep on using Sensodyne-F, since I have sensitive teeth, and my dentist recommended it for me (and it has helped a great deal). But, my teeth aren't white, and I would love to help fix that with brushing. So, I would like to know the main common ingredients to both the Sensodyne and the Crest whatever Cinnamon Whitening toothpastes. And what is so different in the Arm and Hammer sensitive whitening toothpaste?
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