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Cheek swollen after novacaine

My cheek is swollen 48 hours after I received Novacaine.  I have had a lot of dental work done and this has never happened.  I got a root canal on the upper right side (I've had about 4 root canals) and of course he numbed it with Novacaine.  When I left I waited for it to wear off and it did however my cheek remained swollen.  I am taking anti-biotics and Advil.  I have put ice on it several times and 2 days later, it is still swollen.  I am so afraid I am permanently damaged.  I called the dentist and they said it will go down but I am no seeing any results...at all!  Please can someone tell me how long it will be swollen and what else I can do to get this down?  As a side note, my tooth is fine, no swelling in the gums or anything so I don't think the swelling is from the tooth. I think it's from the Novacaine and I'm wondering if he hit a nerve and if this will be permenant.
Thank you!
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