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Chipped tooth

While eating a baguette one of my teeth got chipped, it's a front bottom tooth and it's at the back bottom of the tooth. It doesnt hurt and is not bleeding or anything just wondering what the dentist would do to 'fix' it if it can be fixed?

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It's possible that you could just have it filled if it's an actual chip in the tooth itself.  Because it's the bottom front teeth, it is a possibility that it is plaque that has formed at the tooth base and has chipped off.  It has a tendency to form there and harden the most.

You should have a dentist check it because if it is actually the tooth that has chipped off it will decay much quicker not having the enamel to protect it.  The bottom teeth at the back is the mouth's "dirtiest" place and hardest to keep clean and free from plaque.

Hopefully, it will just be chipped plaque and a cleaning will take care of it.  If not, your dentist can advise what would be your best solution.

Hope this helps.
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It's rare for a tooth to break near the gum.  I would have it checked out to make sure there isn't any decay.  Even if there is he can fill it and build the tooth back up.
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