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Coated tongue following antibiotics - can't get rid of it......

I have got the exact same problem. I was on antibiotics for about a month. Before this I have had a squeaky clean tongue but now it's got a white coating that keeps building up even if I manage to lessen it with cleaning. My tongue feels like sand and I hate what it looks and feels like. I have tried Nystatin, Daktarin, probiotics, salt, apple cider vinegar...nothing is shifting it. Can anybody advise what will get rid of it. If it has come from antibiotics - there must surely be a solution to this somewhere??!!!!

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Did you find any solution ? I have a hairy white tongue at back of my tongue , and i feel as you sand in my mouth it make my breath bad really need help
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Go back to your doctor and get a swab done from your mouth to be sent to the laboratory for analysis.

It is highly likely it is a fungal problem, but sometimes furry tongues can be from gastric issues.

Sometimes one course of antifungals is not enough to treat the problem.  So you may need a few courses of antifungals.  There are also antifungal capsules that you swallow with water.  But the oral gels are better for the mouth issue.

Eat live natural yogurt and cut down on sugar foods and fizzy drinks and squashes.

Make an appointment to see your doctor.
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