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Concern about swelling cheek after drained abcsess

Yesterday morning I had to visit the emergency dentist as I had tooth ache all night and woke up with a slightly swollen face in the same area. The dentist drained pus out of my gum and gave me a temporary filling, he told me the swelling would go down by itself in a few days. However throughout the rest of the day/evening my whole cheek swelled up, so I went to see an out of hours doctor who prescribed antibiotics (amoxicillin) and he told me that the swelling would start to go down.
I woke up this morning with a noticeably even bigger swelling in my cheek which has not got any smaller throughout the day so this seems to be getting worse not better! I've also been feeling very tired and generally unwell today (a lot worse than yesterday). Is it normal for my face to swell more before it gets better or should I go back to the doctor? If this is normal, how long does it take for the antibiotics to work and the swelling to go down?
Thank you!
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If it is difficult to breathe go to the ER. If not then take antibiotics till gone. Takes time for the drugs to work and it takes time for your body to process and clear it up. Dont use warm towel as it will provide a better environment for bacteria to grow. Go back to ur dentist and get it checked out when youre scheduled.
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