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Constant pain in ear, jaw and tongue-glass feeling-since extraction of Molar

I am 54 - 2/18 contacted my regular dentist - after discussion what I was feeling she called in an antibiotic for me with instructions to come in Monday (was after hours). On 2/20 when to my regular dentist with pain it was from a previous root cannel tooth that had cracked on the side and become infected. They referred me to an oral surgeon. On 2/23/22 I had #31 molar removed on the left side. From that point on I have had constant pain in my ear (on the front by the "ear hole" around to below the lobe, along my jaw, my throat feels raw and my tongue fells as if there are shards of glass under the side where the tooth was removed as well as on Top toward the back. After contacting the Oral Surgeons office (Chester Oral Surgery in Chester, VA) and having the  assistant keep telling me if all I wanted was pain drugs I needed to talk to someone else (Yes I called her a few choice things) I reached out to my dentist again. They had to cut it back open, cut out bone and I'm not sure what else. As far as my tongue/throat goes I was told oh maybe your catching a cold - here's another antibiotic. SO tomorrow is two week of the Dental Nightmare oh on the plus side I have lost almost 10 lbs. (not even funny) Help! Please!
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