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Cosmetic dentistry front teeth

Years ago I broke of half the front teeth, had a bonded teeth "glued on" to it.

Now I want a cheap cosmetic dentistry of the front teeths.: What is the best procedure? I was thinking about doing teeth whitening on the other front teeths and then a white bonding material on the one that broke of. But on a second thought, it would probably be best to just have a white bonding material on all the upper front teeths?
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Make an appointment with your dentist or orthodontist to consider your options.

It may be a better option, depending on the damage to your tooth, to have a ceramic cap or a Cerec cap done.  These are expensive and not all dentists do the Cerec.

I have a Cerec capped tooth and am very happy with it.  The colour is chosen to match your existing teeth.

Ensure that you brush your teeth regularly, in the morning and before going to bed and floss regularly.  This will help guard against gum disease.  With gum disease, teeth become loose in the tooth socket and can just drop out.  Some dentists will not do any restoration work until any gum disease has healed.

Best wishes.
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Well, you have a few different choices here, with different price points. Bonding is usually the cheapest way to go, which you are leaning toward. If it were my teeth I'd get veneers (provided the dentist says that is do-able). I'd want all of my upper front teeth to match so I'd have veneers on the front six teeth. Sometimes, for particular reasons, certain teeth aren't candidates for veneers, so ask your dentist if you can have them. The other option is putting crowns on the teeth. The new crowns nowadays are excellent and last for many years. Being that these are your front teeth you are making an investment in your appearance and smile.
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