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Crown = abscess

I have had two crowns from different dentists that have resulted in abscesses - the first of which went into my bone and I had to have surgery.  I told both dentists that the crowns did not feel as if they were seated correctly, but of course I was ignored.  The dentists have just told me that these things "happen".  I don't believe it.  It is either incompetence on their part, or there is something wrong with my body.  I am otherwise a very healthy person with good dental hygiene, who eats well and takes supplements.  I do go to a periodontist for gum disease that I have been told that I just have a certain type of bacteria in my mouth that causes this.  Every time I have gone to the dentist - I have switched dentists and have gone to at least 6 in the past 5 years - it has resulted in some catastrophe that has cost me hundreds or thousands of dollars.  I am so upset, I don't know what to do!  Any thoughts or comments are appreciated.
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When you say that the crowns didn't feel as if they were seated correctly do you mean that when you bit down it felt high, or like you were only biting on that tooth?  That can definately cause trauma to the tooth.  Sometimes just the process of getting a crown prep done is enough to cause a tooth to die.  Some people are more prone to this happening, so maybe that's the case with you.
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