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Crown after roof canal and fracture?

I just had a roof canal done on tooth #3. The Endodontist had a hard time to find one of the roof canal and he kept drilling down my tooth.  It took 2 visits and he finally got the last roof canal out.  But he told me there was a fracture on the tooth and I should have a crown put on as soon as possible.  My questions are : will the crown really hold my fracture tooth together? and how long it will last? Will I have any complications later on? Please advise. Thanks.  
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After a root canal treatment your teeth has already become weak. The recommendation for the crown depends on the location of the tooth, the perceived forces that the tooth is subjected to, and the amount of healthy/sound tooth structure that remains. Your tooth is compromised due to cavity and fracture .Further weakening has occurred due to the root canal procedure which has created a hole in the middle of the tooth.  A root canal also involves removing the nerve from the teeth this leads to a disruption of blood and nerve supplies which further leads to death of the tooth. A crown is usually recommended to protect the tooth from breakage and decay. It provides protection to the tooth and acts as a splint in binding the tooth structures together. You can grind, chew and clench your teeth easily without any risk of breakage of the tooth if a crown is placed. Immediately after a filling a temporary crown is put and when the permanent crown is ready after 2-3 weeks which is of your exact measurements, will be placed. I will advise you to go for crown placement. Crowns made of various materials are available. You can discuss with your dentist about the costs, life of each crown and decide accordingly. With proper care crowns have a good life and even last lifelong. Hope it helps.
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Thank you so much for the advice!
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