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Crown on Root Canal Done and Radiating Temperature Sensitivity.

Both teeth had crowns and root canals done. One tooth had a total of four(yes four) root canals done. Every dentst assumed the pain I was feeling was due to a missed nerve. One when I was 11, 18, 23 and then a different procedure at 39 where the Dr cut above the gum line and extracted the entire area where the  roots may be. The pain in this tooth lasted about 8 months after surgery. The most recent is on a tooth that had a standard root canal done on it 5 months ago.
The problem is severe heat sensitivity. I drink or eat things that are warm/hot and the pain is severe. It radiates along my entire lower jaw. Pressure on the tooth makes the pain less severe but once I take my finger off... OUCH!! The severe pain continues for about 10 minutes. Lately the tooth has also become sensitive to cold and this is really starting to concern me. I'm tired of being in pain. After reading some blogs I wonder if my dentist was wrong in suggesting I needed a root canal because the only problem I had prior to THAT was heat sensitivity. Is it possible that there could be an infection that no one can identify? Note: the gums around that particular tooth bleed everytime I floss (1-2 times a day) and it has been this way since I got the crown on.
Any ideas? I have a dentist appt. in a couple weeks and if I can bring information he may be able to use... great!

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Clinical signs of infection are swelling, abscess, pain, fever, regional lymphadonpathy, and increased circulating PMNs. Endodontically treated tooth is generally not responding thermal challange. However, incomplete canal debridement and obturation may respond to hot stimulus occasionally. Seeing a periodontist and endodontist is advised.
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