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Crowns or Dental Implants?

Hi, I have a somewhat complicated question (so bear with me) about which route I should go for cosmetic dental work. I am 29, in good general health, and most of my teeth are in good shape, except for my top 4-6 teeth, which have always been stunted and over time have eroded away and chipped, the top two scarcely have any exposed tooth at all. I attribute this mostly to genetics, as my parents had similar problems (they had theirs pulled). But its only my top 4-6 teeth that are aesthetically unpleasing. I have been wearing a temporary cosmetic clipper which snaps over my upper teeth for daily wear and conceals them, but it's very impractical in that I can't eat very well wearing it, and it is murder to wear for extended periods. Thankfully, I have an upcoming procedure which will be crown lengthening. They are going to more the gum away from my bad upper teeth and expose more of the tooth so they can fasten crowns onto them. After looking into the procedure somewhat, it seems quite involved, wouldn't dental implants for my top 4-6 teeth be a better option? Just having those teeth pulled and implants installed, rather than go through the crown lengthening? Or should I just opt for crown lengthening? I am going to ask my dentist this question before my scheduled procedure, but just wanted some suggestions from here first, thanks a lot for any input!
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The downtime for implants can be 7 or so months while crowns can be 2-3 weeks during peak periods.  I agree about keeping your natural teeth as long as possible - you have more choices.

Gellia - What kind of upkeep is needed for implant other than normal routine?
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It's always best to work with your natural teeth.  Implants are great but should be reserved for last choice, IMO.  Basically all an implant is, is a fake root (screw) to hold a crown.  Having crowns placed onto your own teeth is better.  

Crown lengthening  and then crowns over your natural teeth would come first.  Only if there was a problem after that would you consider an implant.  Implants, like any other dental procedure of this nature require upkeep and you'd be placing something foreign where your own tooth root meets the same requirement.  

Enjoy your crowns.  Save implants for anything in the future.
That's JMHO.  

Best to you and good luck!
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