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DENTURE and face change

HELP! dentures  took away my pretty face and im only in my 30's!

While I was taking several medications attempting to get the right ones etc, my dentist mentions casualy that my gums are receading. Thats it and that ment zip to me so time went by. I switched dentists for insurance reasons and the new dentists told me I need a pariodontist. The periodnotist tells me god your only in your 30's but its  too late you need  a full imediate denture for both upper and lowers! He almost cryed with me. How could this have happened? I got the upper denture and my smile is not the same , my face looks different and people notice it. They fit fine and look nice" not cheap" but i dont look like me any longer. My pretty smile is gone . I need the lowers done ASAP as my gums now have gotten so low I can even notice it now, in front. Im assuming that because my dentures are thicker than my own teeth that thats why they make me look different? As it made my upper lip thinner and it looks like they are bigger than my natural jawline was?
I'm afraid my face will look worse  I have seen people have that collapsed face look and I dont want that. What can I do? Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Or experiences of others .
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With an immediate denture(where the teeth are extracted when the denture is inserted) it is sometimes difficult to estimate where the tissue will be and therefore it doesn't alwayslook exactly like you would like it to. The dentist doesn't have the ability to try the teeth in so that you can see what they will look like. What I tell my patients is that the immediate denture is a transitional denture and that a new will have to be made in 2 to 4 months when the tisue has healed. We then have the opportunity to try in the denture before it is finished so the patient can approve the esthetics of the denture. As far as the lower denture is concerned I think you must consider the placement of at least 2 implants and an overdenture. It is the standard of care in the replacement of lower teeth. It will make your life immeasurably better and will retain the bone on the lower jaw.
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Here is a message board for people with dentures, go to www.denturesanewsmile.com  or you can do a search for the website.

I know the problem your having and I think from that website it has something to do with your vertical dimension.  Im 38 and just got my permanent dentures.

They are very helpful there.

Good luck to you

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I also have had a partial denture since I was 38.  Upper and lower I hate them
but I cannot afford implaints and I lost my teeth to an eating disorder I had most of my adult life.  I too am scared of the facial changes is there anything
we can do.
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