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Dead tooth

Hi, recently my #29 tooth which is on my right side of my mouth on he bottom has been hurting a lot. I have went to the dentist and they said it is infected and that the tooth/nerve is dead. They have given me pain medication but it still hurts a lot. Do you know what I can do to stop the pain? Also should I have a root canal or should I have my tooth extracted? It is very painful and my lip is trembling. I'm pretty sure there is also an abcess below the tooth. The tooth is permanent. It is also loose. I can see that there is black on it. If I put any pressure, it hurts a lot.
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Why don't you try to make pull the teeth to the dentist?
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If your tooth is loose, it will probably fall out on its own.

If this is your first milk tooth, when it is loose, it means that another tooth is pushing through.

If it is your adult tooth, it will fall out because being lose means that you have gum disease.  With gum disease the tooth is likely to fall out so there is no point in having anything done to the tooth.  

To help strengthen your gums, brush your teeth in the morning and before going to bed and also floss in between the teeth and down to the gums every day.  You can also get very small brushes that have different a different thickness that will fit in between the teeth to clean in between them.

Are you sure that you were given pain medication, may be it was an antibiotic to get rid of any infection, especially if you have an abscess.

Don't bother thinking about what you should have done to the tooth, your dentist will give you the best option.  But as the tooth is already loose, it is highly likely that it will be removed, or may fall out on its own.

Check your prescription.  If it is an antibiotic, you can take pain relief medication as prescribed on the packet for your age, or bite on the pain relief tablet.
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