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Dental Bridge

I have a three tooth bridge at the upper front of my mouth.  This broke the other day, snapping off the two anchor teeth, at the gum line, which was holding it in place.  My regular dentist is away and his "stand in" has advised that I either get a denture (which I would absolutely hate) or root canal the two anchor teeth and then insert posts two days later for a new bridge to sit on.  Is this normal? and will these posts be strong enough to support this bridge, or could he have done a 5 tooth bridge?

Please advise.
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You could have a 5 Tooth Bridge fitted to fill the three gaps you now have, but I would get a second opinion from another Dentist and get them to review an X-Ray. If your current Bridge did not hold you may have the same problem again if you were to have another Bridge. I would check the bone density and the strength of the two teeth that would be the new posts.

Alternatively you could have an Implant with a Bridge, having 5 individual Implants is not necessary, but one or two Implants would be more than enough support to hold a Bridge.

Our Implants are 945 GBP complete with Abutment and the permanent Crowns are either 225 GBP or 305 GBP depending on the Crown type you choose to have.

I wouldnt advise having a Denture, I would either replace the Bridge or have Dental Implants.

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A five unit bridge is a very long span.  If those supporting teeth follow what your others did, it would leave you with a real problem.  

What your dentist is proposing is sort of "middle ground" between a partial denture, which can be incredibly natural looking and quite comfortable, and implants.  If you haven't considered implants, I highly recommend them.

If the posts in the supporting teeth don't hold the new bridge, implants would be your only alternative to a partial denture and you would have already had the cost of the root canal, posts, and bridge.
The initial costs are a bit higher for implants than a bridge, but overall if you are a relatively young person it may be more cost affective.

Just a thought.  I have four on the front top and love mine.

Good luck in whatever you decide and do let us know how you do.
Best to you,

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