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Dental Fear

So as embarrassing as this is, I am willing to post it out in the open so that i can get advice on how to over come my etremelu HUGE fear of the dentist. When I was younger played basketball for my school in 6th grade and during one of the games I was elbowed really really hard in the mouth and very shortly after that happen I had to have four root canals in the lower front teeth. This experience was horrible. I was put to sleep and they did all four at once. However as I was "knocked out" I kept waking up because of the extreme amount of pain I could feel. The dentist was very rude and as I kept trying to tell them the numbing meds weren't working they just gave me more meds to put me back out. I can remember feeling lots and lots of pain but I was so drugged up that I couldn't wake myself up to tell them.
That experience was very traumatic for me and I have not been back since and I was in 4th grade at the time and I am now 33 yrs old.
I take good care of my teeth, brushing them 2x a day, and flossing however i have some teeth that i believe need some attention.
My question is how does a person get over their dental fear so that they can go to the dentist without having a severe anxiety attack or hyperventilating? Is there a certain dentist I should try to get into, or maybe a certain way the appointments should go.......just looking for ideas
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Look for a dentist who offers Sedation Dentistry. They are experts at dealing with patients who have the kind of fear you have. They'll take good care of you.
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I read your point and find that it was very bad experience for you. Most of the people visit to a dentist who does not have experience in sedation dentistry. It is important to choose a dentist who has good experience in sedation dentistry or a relevant degree. One should study about sedation dentistry to clear the confusions in mind. A lot of guides are available online that will help a lot to know the benefits & procedure of sedation dentistry. I have attached a link of a wonderful guide that I read while visiting to a dentist. http://safariandmd.com/guide-to-sedation-dentistry/
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