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Dental Health and adults

Why is it that the government will allow medical insurance coverage in the social security area but when it comes to dental the only coverage goes for the children.  This is good for the parents sake but.......

Seniors need medical dental coverage.  Most medical or lots of medical infections in the body may start from infected teeth and gums.  
This is why I feel this area should be checked into.

Have or has anyone priced a set of choppers today?  Lucky enough for me I was able to have a good dentist and took care of my teeth.  A partial is quite expensive.  Maybe Obama will help get this area promoted to the front of the dental medicine.
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Hi lady, that would be awesome if the Obamacare did cover dental too.  I'm on disability and I don't have dental coverage either and it's sad because bacteria in the gums can affect your heart health.  I know the false teeth are expensive, my mother had a tooth knocked out during surgery last August, it was hanging there literally, it had to be pulled.  It was from a tube they put down her throat, she was furious!  I would have been too.  She went back for more surgery in Jan this year and you can bet that didn't happen again, anyhow her false upper cost $600.00 for a 1 tooth flipper thing.  It's awful the prices they charge.
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Sorry to her about your mom.  I bet she was disappointed.  You need to take care of the problem for yourself and at least get some antibiotics.

I am about to need a partial on the bottom and I better stop all of the sweets I have been eating lately.  Just all of a sudden started this.  It is eating out of bordem.
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