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Dental Infection Concerns

So it’s currently  1:45am and I made the mistake to google “deaths associated  with dental infections” lol bad idea ! (Face palm)

Anyway maybe someone with a medical degree (not google) can put my
Mind at ease!
Cracked a bad tooth and they can’t save it :( my fault though because they told
Me I had a deep cavity and needed to do a root
Canal  and never did and so it cracked.
It’s a bit sensitive and annoying because it’s loose but over all
No extreme pain or swelling. I started the antibiotics
It’s now  been  24 hours and 4 doses of 800mg amoxicillin! I’ve had a horrible taste coming from the tooth all day... is this the infection draining or is it the tooth pulp dying? Or both? My question here is it safe that I’m swallowing it? I assume it’s better than it being trapped   but I’m still freaked out and now scared of sepcis. When will the antibiotics work? When should I go too the ER or call the dentist again?
Am I being Overly dramatic and just need to let the antibiotics work and relax? Probably right? Also  the tooth is scheduled  to be extracted  in a week so just in time
For the antibiotics to be gone.  

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It’s highly unlikely to die of dental infection in this modern society. However, if the tooth needs to be extracted, seeing an oral surgeon is advised.
Thank you! Will be seeing one next week!

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