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Dental implant and bone graft issues??

Hi everyone!
I'm having issues, I needed four implants and have spent lots of money.
The one that I really need done is now giving me issues. I'm going to try to make this short.

I was seeing a specialist who does implant surgery. I paid $1,000 for bone graft. He did the scan and xray he said we was ready to go, however he moved his office 45 mins away so I just decided after the bone graft heals I'll see another specialist in dental surgery and he;ll put the implant in. I told him we've done bone grafting already I went to him in Nov. He said everything was good to go. So then He calls a month later and say we should do a surgical guide, I paid $500 and scan everything came up to $800.
Now two days before surgery he calls and tell me he spoke to the surgical guide tech and I have no bone there and bone grafting will be $1,000.
I just don't have it and don't know what to do. The previous dental surgeon he is way more popular said it was good to go, I really need this done asap. Should I go back to the previous dentist and tell him what was said or what? my insurance runs out in 3 months thats why I really wanted this done, so the crowns will be covered? at the same time I don't want to make a hasty decision and cause this to fail...any advice?

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Going back to your previous surgeon is advised. 45minutes driving is much worth finding a dentist you can trust to do a good job. If implant is done properly, it can last decades and few complications. On the contrary, if not properly done, many complications can occur and bother you all the time, and it ends up total failure, and no replacement implant can be done.
Thats whats brothering me, that both have their opinion. My surgeon before is more popular and he said it was good but now this dentist says him and the
surgical guide tech says no.  Do I just trust my previous dentist and get it done? or what? he already done bone grafting and now he wants to do more on top of that.
my previous dentist was am oral surgeon and this one is a periodontist if it makes since.
*makes any difference
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your descriptions appear to reveal that bone graft performed by oral surgeon does not augment enough vertical height as viewed by second dentist, who is a periodontist. Both specialists are competent enough to practice implant surgery. You only need to choose which one you can trust .
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So do you think if I go with the opinion of the first Dentist and go back to him. I'll be fine?
I'm afraid because the 2nd said it'll fail
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You will be fine if you go to first dentist.if you are concerned, express second dentist ,s evaluation, first dentist will give you a thorough explanation.
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