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Dental implant causing abscess

I had an implant done in October and the first stage went fine. The permanent tooth was placed in late December. This past two weeks I decided to start eating on that side that I had to implant done and now there is a bump above the gum line and it's obviously sore and tender to push. Not that I want to push on it. I rinsed with Chlorohexidine this morning and I am hoping that will help. I should also add the fact that I smoke. But the doctor told me I had to quit during the surgery and to allow for the bone to take. I thought since this implant was done a while ago I would be able to smoke again.

What does this sound like? Is there anything I can do to prevent losing the implant? I have cut down on smoking almost entirely. Any advice is appreciated.
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You need to go back to your dentist to look up and find out the source of infection.
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Thanks I actually spoke to my dentist and surgeon tonight and have an appointment tomorrow evening. By my description she mentioned something about fissure and the implant could cause some small infection that come to the top in the form of a pimple on my gums but could also be an abscess from a near by tooth. She said that it will continue to drain because of the type of infection and the fact that it needs to "get out" someway. As depressing as it seems she did say that the implant may need to come out and we may have to start over. I am updating this in case anyone has dealt with this and can clue me in to what's being told to me. Thanks !
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I had a dental implant put in last year. It cost me £300. It is only a bit of plastic between two teeth. It is also loose and everytime I eat it feels loose. It is my front tooth. When I go to the dentist he says don't put pressure on it. I have to eat with my teeth. It is very uncomfortable. I want to change my dentist but I don't know what to do. Any suggestions will be welcome. Can you help?
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Your discomfort should be a concern for your dentist. Resist any 'just shoot me now' temptation and make an appointment to calmly talk to your dentist. Not to have work done but to inform yourself of thier expectations for your comfort. Good Luck.
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I found these cases very interesting,
I had my implants done sometime ago now.....Oh Ok its been somewhat Twenty Two Years now since I had mine.I was just a young teen at Fourteen And I had them done when they had just come out...In a sense I was a test subject.
I wasnt put under any kind of Anesthetic throughout the proceedure only pain killers to which I went into shock and was ushered into a room out the way to cool down then brought back to complete the final stages.
When I saw the outcome days and weeks it all became so much worth it.
It wasnt until around five years ago I started to endure problems,I was eating and an implant just simply without pain or any discomfort as good as walked out my mouth.
In the uk at that point not many Dentist Practioneers held much knowledge of these so I was kind of locked out.
Ok they were just popping out no pain but now I lost the lovely smile I came to like.
Thats fine,I never been really really vain,Ok maybe Iam.
In recent years I now have had more abscesses than I care to remember,to the point they are worse than the operation.And besides these abscesses reduce me to looking like 'Quazimodo'
MedGirl You said your implants fell out leaving the rod still implanted.
Iam not medically Certified to pass any kind of advice only guidence from experiance,May I throw in the air a conclussion I came to.
Is it possible the rods which go into the gum,Is it possible they could perhaps corrode and thus cause infections within that area of the rod(s) corroded.
I do know they must be cared for as natural teeth,But they also require qualified dentistry maintainance every four to five years.
In the Uk it is increasingly hard to find a dentist and secure a place within the books.
The dentist has changed to privet leaving the unemployed and low paid vunerable to poor dentist health....Seeing in some area's of the uk,The water we drink contains higher levels of chlorine which actually can cause corrosion and dentistry problems
Can anyone relate to this or does anyone know if Iam right because I feel someone is to blame for my years of torture.
And I hope I have been a help to others.
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I had an implant put in september 2009 and have sore joints ever since.
Thinking of having implant taken out due to on going problems with the joints.
The implant is in tight and is ready for final cap.  I am waiting to do that until
I am sure the implant is staying.

My dentist said he can remove it, BUT I will need bone graft, and may lose the front
tooth next to it because the implant is so close to the root of the other front tooth.

Did you finally get yours taken out?  If so, how did you make out?  Any complications?

Has anyone out there had any complications from their implant due to a titanium allergy?
of any other imflammation?

I really appreciate any information I can get.

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