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Dental onlay bite issue?

Hi. Had a gold onlay completed in January. I had a deep filling that came out and broke an edge off of the tooth. This is a back molar. All went ok. Had the bad sensitivety for about 3 weeks after then went away. Then all was good tooth felt good. My bite has changed since some other dental work I had about 3 weeks ago and now that onlay hurts like crazy. Even when I floss on the one side.  Would the bite being off cause this? What should I do in the meantime? My dentist is shutdown due to the corona.  Thanks so much!
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Is your dentist on call for questions or emergencies? They must have a procedure in place for emergencies, and severe pain sounds like an emergency to me.

Is it swollen or bleeding or anything? Call your dentist and see if the answering service or voice mail has instructions for emergencies.
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