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Dental problem related to odor from nose?

( I have also asked this question on the ENT forum...sorry if you are not allowed to ask a similar question on two forums...)
I have a question. I've been having odor coming from my nose for quite a while now...people in class can smell it from the other side of the classroom...the reactions are very painful... bad breath developed before it due to gingivitis...but the bad breath went away after gingivitis deep cleaning....anyway, I am still unsure as to what may be causing my nasal odor to remain....I had thought the nasal odor would go away when I took away the bad breath but it has not...I still have bleeding from my gums and still 2 cavities that I have yet to fill... I am pretty sure I also do not have tonsil stones...What can be causing my nasal odor? Can it be the cavities ( I will get them filled next month)...can it be due to the fact that my gums still bleed (which means I still have gingivitis)?

*I am pretty sure I do not have PND although mucus does run down my throat and sometimes it will drench my uvula and fall on my tongue ( but doesn't the nose produce mucus everyday which washes down the throat anyway?)--I also don't clear my throat all the time or feel like a lump is in my throat so I do not think I have PND...
*I have also used nasonex nasal spray in case it was allergie or stagnant mucus for about 5 weeks ( doctor said my problem should have been gone in 4 weeks)...but no luck...I do not think it is a sinus problem because I do not have the facial pains or fevers or green/brown/yellow mucus that accompanies sinusitis...Please give me suggestions...I do not wish for this to take over my life!
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Most halitosis come fron dental origin. Once you have your tooth fixed, probably halitosis will go away.
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have had the same bad smell\taste in the mouth for over 6 months now.  Couldn't figure out what the hell the problem was.  Mine became so awful that the smell would literally funk up my entire office at work.  I too was convinced that the smell was coming from my nose.  Because of this, i ended up at an ENT, who convinced me I needed surgery on my sinuses & tonsils.  Well, after having tonsils\adenoids removed, upper gi, lower colon splenoid or something done, and all kinds of other medical test ran.  The culprit turned out to be a crown on the lower left molar tooth.  The tooth up under the crown had split in half, and the damn thing became infected or something.  When the smell first started, the first place I went was to the dentist (of course they didn't see anything wrong).  I ended up on a wild goose chase that cost me thousands of dollars.  Finally after reading another site and listening to the guy on there story, I went back to the dentist and lied that the tooth was bothering me.  That's when the dentist decided to take the crown off (he couldn't tell anything from the X-ray; the crown was n the way of seeing my actual tooth).  He ended up having to pull the split tooth.  He told me to come back for a bridge of something once it has healed but "No Thanks!" I'll leave the spot empty because empty doesn't become infected and stink up a whole room......
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I had the same problem too! My doctor gave me xyzal and I did the nasal rinse while on the medication......after a few days I didnt have the smell from my nose anymore!
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