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Dentist drilled into my Sinus Cavity!

Hi, I went for a root canal about two and a half weeks ago, I had a previous issue with this dentist who made a mistake on a root canal I had before. I had no intention of going back to him, but the oher dentist in the office wasn't available and the tooth was in desperate need of fixing. So, a little over two weeks ago, I went in for my root canal, everything was going well until close to the end. He was drilling and "accidentally" drilled into my sinus cavity... It was horrible, and at the time he was injecting a syringe full of a bleach solution to cleanse the root, which was suppse to come back out... Well the solution stayed in me, forcing blood and mucus through my nose and into the nitrous mask. It was burning horribly and my eyes were watering. He closed the tooth without finishing the root canal telling me I would have to come back in 6 days to finish it. He sat me up in the chair, took an Xray and showed me where he drilled through, then sent me off with antibiotics. My nose was bleeding constatnly which I assumed was normal. I took the monday off work as I work heavy construction and didn't think it would be wise. I went to work the tuesday and had to go to the emergency room that night, I was in such horrible pain, I had a severe migraine, my nose bled all day, and I spit up blood clots. They ordered a CT Scan for the following saturday. I took the wednesday off work then worked half a day the thursday, unable to handle the whole day because of the same symptoms. Finally about 5days after I got the CT scan I got the results, they read that I have a "sinus disease" and that it appears my sinuses aren't draining, although the doctor couldn't explain why I was having migraines. He gave me T3s for my pain and more antibiotics for the infection. I got reffered to a ENT specialist and just had my appointment today. The specialist said that it would benefit me for her to go in and clean out the sinuses through surgery. She also said that judging by the CT Scan she can't see why I'm having migrains, and that it is not becasue of the sinuses. She said it is possible that he cold have hit a nerve but that was all she said. I have never even had a headache before in my life (other than alcohol related ones which is scarcely seldom) and this is absolutely unbareable. This is my third week off work, I can't even bend down to pet my dog without getting a migraine and blood leaking out of my nose. I have always been an exceptionally healthy guy, never had a sinus problem before either... Now I don't know what to do... Sneezing, coughing, laughing, going up stairs, bending over all causes incredible pain. Also, when I read I find my vision is off in the eye above where the rootcanal was preformed. I have several nose bleeds a day, and when they occur I can taste and smell the bleach solution that was put in me. I wake up about three times a night from my migraines... I am very concerned about this, especially about the pain and throbbing in my head and behind my eye. Also, when I bend over it feels as though my eye is bulging. Has anyone experinced this before? Or something similar? Is this right? Nobody seems to be able to help me or tell me everything. I have not finished the root canal yet, and am obviously doing it with a different dentist. I plan to see another specialist out of town but am seriously concerned. Any advice would be immensely helpful... Thanks!  
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Wow, don't think I have ever heard of a root canal going into the sinus.  We take measurements before doing any drilling or filing to prevent going out the end of the root.  If it did happen, I would have tried to flush out the sinus with plenty of saline....bleach isn't very nice to soft tissues.  If you get a Neti Pot, you can clean out the sinus in a similar way (through the nose).  This should help flush the sinus and remove any remaining bleach/blood/infection.

Also, I would suggest getting the root canal finished with an endodontist.  It may take a few weeks to heal as the sinus soft tissue will need to regrow over the hole.  I am not sure if this will happen before the root canal is complete...be sure to talk to your endodontist.

Good luck, I would really like to know how things turn out.
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Same thing happened to me today except I dont have all the pain and bleeding. What happened in the end? Are you suing anyone? Is this the bleach coming through your nose and mouth all day is horrilble.

My dentist put loads of bleach in me and every time i bend over or blow my nose the tissue is soaked through in brown stuff.

Not sure what to do. Can you help me? It literally just happened 2 hours ago...
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Root canal gone horribly wrong. Bleach ends up in my sinuses after dentist punctures a whole through it and proceeds to clean my tooth with bleach. I returned to work after complaining of my sinuses hurting, only to suffer spontaneous nasal drainage of brownish bleach smelling liquid. Dentist told me I had an allergic reaction to the bleach! Seriously? I didn't find out the truth until a different dentist told me 5 years later that I wasn't allergic, they just screwed up. I have been suffering for over 10 years since this happened to me. I squirt saline mist into my sinuses several times a day. I use Walgreen brand because it works best. It's called Nasal Mist. An ER doctor told me my sinuses were dry causing my headaches.Taking allergy medicine is a bad idea because it dries them out more and causes headaches. I still have not found a permanent solution of how to live with this issue, but it helps. I feel this problem needs to be addressed and dentist should be honest with us. I am currently trying to research the effect this error has had on people and how it can be solved because I don't want to live in pain forever! So far I only see dead ends.
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