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Dentist wont perscribe antibiotics

I had a root canal about a month ago and 8 days ago had a temporary crown put on. After the crown i expected the sore gums, after a few days of this getting worse I noticed a black (blood?) bump at the top of my gum right under the tooth that had the crown. My gum has been bothering me there for quite sometime, but not this bad. The dentist that placed the temporary on even said she didn't make the crown to go all the way to my gum so it wouldn't aggravate my gum anymore.  So after the black bump, the next day it was white and puffy and extremely painful. On Saturday the bump busted and the nastiest pus came out and was very foul, sticky/slimy and thick.  The next day even more pus came out and that was 2 days ago. I called and got into the dentist on Monday and the dentist was extremely rude and just called it "mild irritation", he even said that it did sound like an infection but "its gone now"! It had only be the day before that the foul pus was coming out. He gave me some mouthwash. I asked for antibiotics, but were not given any.  I went back today to see the hygienist and asked for another dentists opinion on if I had an infection. The hygienist seems to think that I did have an infection but the dentist did not and again would not give me any antibiotics, just said use the mouthwash and advil.  It is so painful even today and seems not to be getting better. It is white and purple and my jaw hurts.  I know they didnt see anything on the x-ray, this is because I think it is a gum infection cause by the roughness of the crown placement.  I can not find anything online that wouldn't suggest that having a boil will foul smelling discharge is NOT an infection.  Should I be concerned?

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Wow...kick that dentist to the curb!  You need antibiotics right away, it's good that the infection drained but it sounds like the infection is still there. You need to see someone to get a second opinion and antibiotics.  You can try you GP or if you have insurance go to the ER.  Then I would file a complaint with the BBB about all of this and get reimbursed for any extra costs you have due to his refusal to help you!  I wish you all the best...you shouldn't have to be going through this!
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Never thought I'd have to beg for antibiotics!   Usually they are throwing them at me for everything!
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lets say when it popped on Saturday (with more coming out on Sunday), and without antibiotics, how long should it take to start feeling better. I guess i am thinking *IF* (and that is a BIG if) all the infection did come out when it popped (which I'm no expert abscess drainer and didn't even think about making sure to get it all out), shouldnt it be feeling better by now? I'm still in as much pain as I have been in for 5 or 6 days, I've been rinsing with the mouthwash and trying the best i can to keep it cleaned out. It just doesnt seem to be improving at all. Now my whole head hurts, sore throat, swollen glands. Now is this just coincidence that it coinsides with this abscess? The dentist on monday acted like since it popped it was "gone now", I just dont think that is the case.
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Something caused the infection and until the cause is treated, you will only get worse.  You should not be feeling like this, it's time to stop questioning yourself and seek help.
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ugh,  just called the dentist (again), she said that I need to see a periodontist. Shouldnt she be fixing what she screwed up last week? and taking care of me?? dang it.
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well cant get in with perio until another week!! it is obvious that I have an infection! why are they treating me like this?
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