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Did my doctor forget a piece of my tooth?

I got my wisdom teeth removed when I was 17. All 4 were impacted and were removed at the same time. I'm now 23 and for the passed few years I've occasionally felt something hard and pointed when I press my tongue to the area where my upper wisdom teeth used to be. It never caused any discomfort until now. A few days ago I discovered a long hard bump on the right side of my soft pallet, starting there the upper right wisdom tooth was coming in and ending about 1/4 of an inch from the center of my mouth. Applying pressure doesn't hurt anything aside from pinching the skin against it, but when I laugh too hard or cough, the right side of my sinus and temple light up with pain...Is it possible a fragment of my tooth was left inside??
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A dental x-ray would show it.  You probably get those once a year.  
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Nope. No dental coverage.
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Today the pain is a little worse..Now it just aches at random and when I blew my nose a few minutes ago the right side of my sinus started to hurt more and I've got this metallic taste in my mouth.
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