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Do I Need A Root Canal

I had a tooth with a large filling it.  A large portion of the tooth chipped off.  As expected, I needed a crown.  So the doctor drilled the tooth away and say there was a cavity underneath the filling, and so he said he had to go very close to the nerve.  I have no sensitivity to hot/cold, but I can "feel" the tooth biting down on it.  Not sure if that makes sense.  It doesn't necessarily hurt, I just feel pressure on that tooth/temporary crown much more.  To be honest, I think this dentist is dishonest.  I think he told me I needed to have a second tooth crowned - which I did - that didn't really need to be.  I almost wonder if he didn't purposefully drill away too much so it would irritate the nerve and give him an excuse to do a root canal.  Regardless, is feeling pressure an indication the nerve is going die/abscess?  Also, are antibiotics going to help at all if I were to take them - to hopefully prevent the nerve from dying?  

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Hi there,
There are certain indications for a root canal treatment like severe toothache pain upon chewing or application of pressure, persistent or recurring pimple on the gums and swelling and tenderness in the nearby gums. It will be best to save your natural teeth if possible. But if indicated a root canal should be done. A dental examination and X-rays are important before confirming the exact treatment for your condition. Discuss your concerns with your dentist before undergoing root canal. I hope it helps.
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Because you feel pressure when you bite down, it could be that the bite is off on your temporary crown.  This is not uncommon because we sometimes bite differently when we're numb than when we're not numb so when the dentist checked the bite on your temporary crown there could have been a false reading.  This is easy to fix. The fact that you're not experiencing any pain is a good sign.
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